Thanks for stopping by the X = 2 PHOTOGRAPHY DALLAS website. Jim Miller, a Dallas-based photographer, has been photographing stunningly beautiful weddings for over 30 years. Jim is the lead photographer for X = 2 PHOTOGRAPHY DALLAS.

People ask us all the time 'X = 2? Why did you name your photography business that?'

The answer is simple. Back when we all had to study algebra, 'X' was always the variable that we were trying to solve. 'X' was the answer!

We believe that in life, the answer is always to find your partner...your partner for life. We were never meant to go down this crazy path alone. We are supposed to live our lives in pairs.

So the answer to life's variable, life's ultimate puzzle...is 2.

X = 2.

For wedding day images that will last forever, you need a photographer who will understand you and tell the story of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

We believe we can pair up with you and make a great team.

X = 2.


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